Jul 23, 2011

Drawing Challenge: City

Definetely an inspiring theme...

First 3 pictures are from Mexico DF, a beautiful, noisy, inspiring, fun, nostalgic, historic and amazing city!

Next 2 photos from LA California a retro-modern, multicultural, colorful city!

Next ones my sketches....

Plus a little color and nice people.....

Have a sweet weekend
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  1. Citlalli, I love your sketches! Especially the black pen.
    You also added much fun with the playmobile. I like the look of that city. I also want to live in one of those pointed roof homes.
    Very nice!

  2. my. your landscapes do look sweet! i especially like the curves in those parasol and table feet on the pavement.

  3. Great sketches! I also love the black pen look.

  4. like it!
    it is happy

    and I love
    the black and white one
    with the funny little cars

  5. you city made me smile, playfull and funny, and there is a candyshop :)) xx

  6. Dear Citlalli,
    the spanish influence is plainly visible in your pics of Mexico DF... and in your black and white drawing with the playmobile figures the huge skyscrapers becomes more friendly... and sweet.
    Ariane from Hamburg

  7. Citlalli, love your sketches, they are beautiful!
    And they way you brought them to life with the play mobile figures are just great!..bring big smiles....:-)

  8. this is a funny, light and colorful post, exactly what we all need in these days! xx, julia

  9. I have never been to DF, but I've only heard great things about it. I love your sketches, especailly the one with the candy shop!!

  10. Love the mexico photos, so great and your drawing is very playful und lovely.

  11. Citlalli..I love your drawings!!! They are so cute! My favorite is the one with the cafe outside:) Is this a drawing challenge on a blog?

  12. QUE lindos dibujos ! y las fotos del DF estan super lindas! y que fotos mas bonitas ! super claras!


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