Apr 8, 2011

Drawing Challenge: Mirror

The theme this week was: mirror
Hosted by super talented Ariane.
Unfortunately the week flew by and I couldn`t do my drawing, but instead take some pictures of the mirrors that I haven`t lost ......(yet)
Ohhh and also this word reminded me of a song that I liked as a teenager, the female duet M2M with the song: mirror.

For more mirrors click here

Have an awesome weekend!!!


  1. Dear Citlalli,
    I like your self-portrait a lot! And you've got pretty mirrors...and thank you for the mirror-song and nice mirrors in the video!
    Best, Ariane.

  2. i also really like your self portrait. henry is sleeping next to me or i'd listen to the video. tomorrow!

  3. hi ! you have been busy ! colorland is bustling with lots of fun things. nice portrait in the mirror.


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