May 21, 2011

Drawing Challenge: Hands

amazing how this simple word can inspire so much and in so many ways,
it's amazing how important the hands are in our lives, just without them we couldn`t do anything.
so many activities we do with our hands, as in my case, knitting, drawing, painting, cooking, hugging,clapping, taking pictures and a ton more.
are also a form of communication, there are people (as me) who need the hands to speak, is like talking through them.
with my hands I have comforted friends, held my daughter, clapped when I feel happy, my hands just make me feel alive

This time someone else joined the group,
Jimena wanted to participate by cutting and pasting magazine clippings...
for more inspiring hands visit creative Nadine
Have a nice weekend!!!


  1. hooray to jimena too, isn't it wonderful to inspire little people??? i'm glad it inspired you so. i was, like every week now, amazed at how many times the theme popped up from unexpected corners. like, when you focus, those are the things that happen...
    cheers for participating... joined hands means joined forces...!

  2. happy hands! it's nice to see jimena's work!

  3. i think hands are amazing. you can tell so much about someone through their hands.
    Lily is obsessed with tracing her hands with crayons. or chalk. :)
    happy weekend!

  4. Hands made me visit your colourfull world and i like what i see!

  5. yes, hands made me visit you too and i'm very glad about that!! julia

  6. Lovely happy hands! Dear Citlalli,
    to recognize that we have to learn to use this 'tool' just amazing, isn't it? Jimena cut very well!


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