Mar 4, 2011

Drawing Challenge (RhYtHm.......)

What a wondeful theme Rachel.....
Rhythm: timed movements, sounds, silence, colors, textures, everyhting had an specific rhythm.
It was a pleasure to participate in this drawing challenge, you know? I love to feel that excitement to see my finished work, but what I enjoyed most was the whole process:

- take time to prepare scketch book and pencils
- inspire me and.................

start drawing,

and coloring,

Inspiration: my daughter, life and colors

finally done!

it was fun and relaxing to draw (since some time of not doing it...)
I can`t wait for next theme!
Happy weekend!


  1. Hi!
    And what a bright drwaing you made.
    It cheered me up this cold and foggy morning.

  2. your drawing is joyful! i love the abundance of musical notes! you had a good time, hadn't you?

  3. i love the whimsy and innocent feel. colors so bright and happy, and i too love the abundant musical notes.
    i also appreciate that you shared the process, which is half the experience.
    thank you and look forward to next week!

  4. Hi Citalli
    thanks for documenting your drawing experience I really enjoyed your story. It really is a lovely image I agree with Nadine such joyfulness. Im a lover of pencil in sketchbook. Great style.
    Helen :)

  5. Dear Citalli,
    I enjoy your lovely drawing, full of sound and rhythm of raindrops, birds singing and music!
    x Ariane.

  6. Hi! I am only just getting round to everyone's rhythms.
    This drawing has a very retro feeling for me. Like a picture book for my childhood. Glad to see you on board!


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