Mar 11, 2011

Drawing Challenge ( Birds.......)

The best time for inspiration and to start drawing birds was in the morning....
......I love them because everything smells fresh, the sun shines and the birds sing so close to our window that just make me feel very happy and start looking forward to the day!
........but could not begin to draw without a bowl of oatmeal with blue berries and strawberries.......(so yummy)

-Sunny, Sunny Day-

time for a break and continue drawing.....

but that time the little birds want to fly......

-Blue Birds Flying-

Have a nice weekend!!!


  1. Yes, mornings are the best. I love the light in the morning. From the lamps in the winter and now - the best - the morning light of spring sun.

    You've made sweet morning birds.

    I'll post my bird later today.

  2. i love your blue birds especially. the abundance of them reminds me of a painting i saw at the art museum yesterday.
    you are always sweet, citlalli!

  3. progress and process...
    i love how you show us your way around your drawing.
    really? birds flying about? how delightful. here it's pigeons galore, but i dearly love them too...

  4. sweet little blue birds! i saw my first rocky mountain bluebird today, a sure sign of spring up here in the mountains of colorado. they look like they flew right out of a Snow White movie.
    Very special, happy , innocent, like yours.

  5. Comfort foods + sweet songbirds... the bluebirds of happiness :)
    Very relaxing.... Thank you for sharing :)

  6. Dear Citlalli,
    your lovely bluebirds are like signets of spring for me. When I read the comments of Stephanie I know, that bluebirds are spring-birds!


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