Apr 30, 2011

Drawing Challenge: Fish

How is your weekend?
Ours really fun spending some time at Huntington Gardens with friends (can't wait to share some pics) and tomorrow a day of work at Fix Coffe (Craft and Artisians Sale).
This week I can't draw anything :(...........
......... but when I check the word of the drawing challenge I instantly think about my daughters fish drawings!

and she also wants to share her playmobil kit and felt mermaid hanger....

For more incredible fishes, visit Elisabeth's blog
Hope you're enjoying your weekend too!!! :)


  1. that second drawing sooooo great!

    happy weekend!!

  2. i love jimena's colorful fish! and the fish with sequence for scales is similar to what greta and I worked on. great minds think alike!

  3. wow! she is quite the little artist. i can't wait to see what Lily draws when she gets older.
    happy sunday!

  4. wow, she's talented just like her mother! beautiful!!

  5. Dear Citlalli,
    your mermaid and fishes are so cute!


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