Jul 21, 2011

Small Style (year by year)

Today I like to share Jimena's small style through her 7 years, a picture per year!
As some as you know she decided to spend 2 months on vacation with their grandparents, so for now I haven't current pictures of her style, but this is a good idea to see how her style has changed through the years....
PS. We miss her tons! but we are so happy too, because she's having an amazing time with her grandpas, having lots of fun, and learning about her country!
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ps. last day for lollipopscards giveaway!!!

some colorful small styles:
Small Style (cool hats)
Small Style (beach party)
Small Style (my cowboy...........girl)
Small Style (school days)
Small Style (at the mall)
Small Style (living in pink)
Small Style (1st. time)

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  1. What an amazing opportunity for Jimena! I'm sure she's having the best time. Whenever my kids are away from me, it's so much harder for me than for them. Hope you're having a restful time!

    What great pictures! Jimena is such a little doll!

  2. i love her in that bright blue dress!! she is such an independent little one to take off for 2 months. :)

  3. Que bonita Jimena! Todavia se parece a la foto de cuando era bebita. Este fin de semano estamos en Los Angeles :)

  4. Wow, what a wonderful opportunity for her. And I love your remembering post - she is gorgeous.

  5. She is such a beautiful little girl. I'm sure her grandparents are enjoying every minute with her.


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