May 11, 2011

Small Style (school days)

Hello there,
Today is thursday and that means it's small style time!

I really like thursdays because they are the sign that the weekend is so close...

This week is very important to Jimena, since she's the star of the week in her classroom, and that means making a small presentation about her family and talk about favorite: color, food, movies, games, toys, places etc.......she was so excited about it and very happy to share her favorite toys and books with her friends.

these photos were taken one day that we came walking back from school,the rabbit was an Easter gift and she decided to share it with their class.

I love our neighborhood! it's full of culture, art, mexican and spanish constructions, a mixture of Asian and European restaurants, tea bars and coffe shops...

Jimena is wearing:
Ralph Lauren Kids Tee shirt
Karmel-Alden Jeans
Adidas tennis shoes (birthday gift)
London backpack (a gift from aunt Melissa)
Hello Kitty cap
Sanrio watch
handcrafted necklace

For more cute small styles or if you want to paticipate in, visit Morgan's blog and link about your kido(s) style, I swear it's really fun!!!

Small Style (first time)
Small Style (living in pink)
Small Style (at the mall)


  1. she is such a little lady. that is so great that they do such things at her school. your neighborhood looks awesome!

  2. She's so cute! My kids' school does a similar thing called "star student". They feel so special on the days get to be the star! And what a beautiful neighborhood you have!

  3. I love her style. And I love seeing glimpses of your neighbourhood. It looks like a fabulous place to live.


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