May 19, 2011

Small Style (my cowboy... girl)

I took these pictures yesterday when Jimena was playing in the afternoon, she loves to wear her cowboy hat and playing the guitar, also browse and read books to her stuffed animals....

I love to hear her song and play in her room, she's so creative and fun!

t-shirt(misha lulu), K&A Jeans, Old Navy skirt, Nike shoes.

I'm linking up with Small Style, Mama Loves Papa.

Small Style (first time)
Small Style (living in pink)
Small Style (at the mall)
Small Style (school days)


  1. she is such a cutie. i love how creative she looks. and i love her room!!

  2. What an adorable and fun kiddo!

  3. Darling. It looks like she's having a wonderful time. Love that you encourage her creativity so!

  4. Fabulous! I love to see kids having so much fun and I LOVE that hat!

  5. i love the picture where she is singing to all her stuffed animals--she looks so in to it!

  6. These pictures are so precious! What a sweet girl! Love that hat, too. :)


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