May 5, 2011

Small Style (at the mall...)

Hello everyone,
Today is thursday of small style

...and this time I take some pictures of my girl at forever 21, we were just hanging out, but suddenly I hear that jimena says: eyy mami look at these shoes!! , I think we can find some in my size.....
so I said, well I think these shoes are only for big girls...
and she answered mmm ok (a big silence and thinking)
it's just that they are perfect for playing moms and fashionistas with my friends.....
.....But its okay! anyway I could not run with these shoes ...! they always know how make you laugh.... :)

the last picture was taken a few weeks ago in an art event at Cafe de Leche

On Jimena at the mall:
coat: a gift from her Abu (my mom)
leggings: misha lulusocks: target
hairclip: color land
On Jimena at Cafe de Leche:
veggies tee: a gift from Karensweater: 77 kids by American Eagle
bow hairclip: a gift from Rubyellen
Visit Morgan's blog for more cute styles!!!!
Happy thursday!!


  1. she is s little diva fashionista!

  2. She is rockin' those shoes!!! So cute.


  3. Jimena sounds amazing and definitely my type of girl! Such a little fashionista!

  4. how cute these photos are!!!!


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