Feb 2, 2012

Hello february!

Hello there, how are you doing?
Hope really well!
Today I want to share this with you, just trying to help in some way a young woman, please take some minutes to read this and maybe spread the word if you want.
Thank you!

Hola, ¿cómo han estado?
Espero muy bien!
Hoy quiero compartir esto con ustedes, tratando de ayudar de alguna manera a una mujer joven, por favor tómense unos minutos para leer esto y tal vez ayudar a correr la voz si así lo desea.

A Call for Help by Suzy Delgado.

My name is Suzy and I am writing on behalf of my sister Krystle Delgado Felten.
Krystle, who is 27, got married in April of 2011,after returning from the Navy. In mid November,she moved from Eagle Rock, CA to Yuma,AZ to set up her new home and await her husband’s return from his deployment in Afghanistan.
One week later, she found herself in the emergency room due to what she thought was a bad sinus infection.
She was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia and was flown by helicopter to the U of A Medical Center in Tucson, AZ.
There, Krystle went through one round of chemotherapy, and a one-month stay in the hospital.
Currently, she is receiving care at City of Hope, in Los Angeles, undergoing continued chemotherapy treatment.
The only cure for the leukemia is to find a bone marrow donor—this is where you come in.
Being a bone marrow donor involves marrow compatibility all the way down to the genetic level.
As Krysle’s sister, I had a 30% chance of being a match, but unfortunately, I was not.
So now we are turning to the National Bone Marrow Registry to find an unrelated donor match.
There are 10 million people on the registry yet only 25% are of ethnic decent and only 9% of mixed ethnic decent.
We are Filipino and Mexican American and because bone marrow is inherited, her bone marrow donor will likely be someone of similar ethnic backgrounds.
So what am I asking?– I am asking everyone to join the National Bone Marrow Registry.
By joining the registry you consent to taking a simple test that consists of swabbing the inside of your cheek and filling out a consent form stating that you are willing to donate your bone marrow in order to save Krystle’s life or the life of another if called upon.
If you are Filipino, Mexican or a mix of Filipino and Mexican, aged 18-60, you have the highest chances of being a match for Krystle!
Please join us at 8:00am on February 25th, 2012 at Eagle Rock City Hall for our first of many bone marrow drives to find Krystle’s match.

Visit Krystle’s Facebook page at
to find a list of additional bone marrow drives being held for her.
Go to bethematch.org where you can find a local bone marrow drive near you or request a kit via mail.
Visit: forthecommonwealth.wordpress.com for updates
You can email me to suzydelgado1@gmail.com
We will not stop until we find her lifesaver! You could be the one. Please get tested now!

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Enjoy your day!
Disfruten su día!


  1. I hope this yound lady fins a donor. Very sad. Shirts are adorable! I love the black with bright colors.

  2. Hola Citlalli, una disculpa por la tardanza en contactarte y escribir aquí en los comentarios, estuve buscando un mail a donde escribirte y no he encontrado, la próxima semana voy a inciar con el intercambio de correspondecia y me pongo en contacto contigo para darte mi correo e intercambiar nuestras direcciones si es que acaso aún estas interesada en participar, espero tu correo llevoelinvierno(at)hotmail(dot)com. saludos!!

  3. Citlalli, I just received the Misha Lulu dress and skirt I bought from your sale going on now. Lily and I loved everything! Thank you for the cute hair clip house holder and button hair clip. Mil gracias amiga :)

  4. Espero que tu amiga haya conseguido ayuda! La verdad que es muy importante esto de anotarse en lugares para donar órganos, nunca se sabe cuántas vidas se pueden llegar a salvar!

  5. hello citlali,
    here's a colourful invitation to spring, if you like.
    come and have a peek and join in. ...
    much fluttering love,


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