Jan 29, 2012

Drawing Challenge: Another Roadside Attraction

mmmmm, I think I'm a little late with my collage, but better late than never!
The theme this week was Another Roadside Attraction, a intriguing and magical theme, don't you think?

mmmmm, creo estar un poco tarde con mi collage, pero mejor tarde que nunca!
El tema de esta semana fue "Another Roadside Attraction" (otros atractivos de carretera), un tema intrigante y magico no lo creen?

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  1. the funny thing is, i thought of a road circus, as i came across this week's theme. you've just put it into existence!

  2. when i was little i wanted to work in a circus. or better travel with them around the world. a road circus is such an attraction!
    and your collage shows clearly how magical, fun and adventurous it is : )

  3. yes this is a real circus and attraction and a great quote,
    i love those circus tents,the shape, the color and the promise of magic inside, xx

  4. Your collage is a lot fun! I admire the quote as well.

  5. Qué lindo collage! Me encantan tus manualidades! Además, el mensaje está lindísimo.


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