Jul 26, 2011

Tuesday of feet pictures #5

First of all I want to thank you for all your sweet comments on the past drawing challenge, you make my day!
Today I like to share with you an incredible shoe sale at Clique to Know, I just simply love this shoes because are a good deal, comfortable and fashionable!
so, is for all these reasons that I decided to share this sale today instead of the feet picture!
hurry up sale ends on thursday night!

About Clique to Know:
Clique To Know is a new members-only site dedicated to all you curvaceous women out there. Love fashion? Need a designer fix? Adore securing a bargain? Then Clique To Know will be your one-stop shop for fabulous luxury fashion at discounted prices from US size 10 and upwards.

About Me Too Shoes:

Me Too shoes are the perfect combination of fashion and comfort. The brand uses the finest leathers, treatments and components (including padded insoles) and combines these with the latest trend inspirations to create their collections. The result is super comfortable, classic designs with an edge that are ideal for any day or night occasion.


Tuesday of feet pictures:
#1 (Random pics)
#2 (Kate Eva)
#3 (Kids feet)
#4 (Made for Lilybelle)

Happy tuesday!


  1. I love shoes! And I love those shoes!!!


  2. Lovely shoes! I really like the floral flats.


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