Jun 30, 2011

sweet cravings

Sometimes everything you need is a break!
I mean, a sweet break......
This week I'm totally in love with:
-Cafe con Leche (1/2coffee w/ 1/2milk) and apple pie with vanilla bean ice-cream!
Unfortunately, my computer stopped working completely and I lost my pictures of my delicious apple pie with ice cream,so sad :(

the good thing is that I found somer random sweet pictures

and yes, you're right.....I think I have a small addiction to sweets :)

top ten of my favorite sweets:
- Nutella
- mint-chocolate chip ice-cream
- chocolate chip cookies
- apple pie
- cheese cake w/ strawberries
- brownies
- gummy bears
- macaroons
- Lemon tart
- natural ice-cream yoghurt w/ mango

Enjoy your weekend!!!

1 comment:

  1. you just made me soooooo hungry! i have the biggest sweet tooth.
    happy 4th!


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