May 13, 2011

our week on instagram

This week I liked to capture some aspects of our life using instagram, I think it's a bit addictive, but certainly fun!

in another topic, what happened to blogger?

well I think I know.... post dissapeared, comments dissapeared, and in some words...blogger stop working!

the good thing is that everything returned to normal! and you can check out my past posts: Feeling Colors (Feeling Orange) and Small Style (school days)
already have plans for this weekend?
if not here are some fun options for this weekend:
(if you're near the area of NELA, Alhambra, Highland Park or Eagle Rock).....
Highland Park monthly art walk (Cafe de Leche, Mi vida Shop an much more.....)
Friends Forever (a super-cute art show & pop up shop!)
Ilustrated Type Art Exhibit at Nuleus Gallery

Have a happy and fun weekend!!!

ps: new plushies and tanks on my etsy shop, check it out!


  1. Cute shop Citalli!
    wish my kids were still little :(

  2. fun photos. love the one of Jimena with her missing tooth.
    hope you had a great weekend.


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