May 23, 2011

what we enjoy...

.....this, food, treats, board games, crafts and movies, what about you?
well, Jimena is really into Japanese food and treats, last saturday she asked me if we could go to a Japanese supermarket because she really wanted to buy some sea weed, so we went to Mitsuwa Market, and this is what she decided to purchase...

some california rolls, carbonated orange drink, hello kitty marshmallow, chocolate sticks and sea weed (this girl really knows what she wants ahh)

also want to share a gift from aunt Melissa, (love the bag)

and finally I would like to show the new handmade decorative pillows that are already in my etsy shop (I would love to hear your comments about the items on the store)

How was your weekend?
Hope you are doing great and thak you for stop by and read this blog!
your comments make my day!
Happy monday!


  1. Has Jimena seen the movie Ponyo? If not, you should have her watch it. It's wonderful and takes place in Japan.

    Also, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pillows. LOVE!!!!

  2. The pillows are beautiful. I really like that you mixed materials. Very cheerful.


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