Sep 21, 2011

ML & HK best friends 4 ever!

I have something that I want to share with you, as some of you may know, Misha Lulu is in collaboration with Hello Kitty, and Karen has created the most sophisticated and sweet line for fall 2011, if you have not visited her site, just click here!

This is a behind cameras of Jimena`s first photoshoot. (love their funny faces)

also Modern Kiddo it`s having an amazing misha lulu giveaway at their blog, so what are you waiting for?, if you want to be the lucky winner of this wallpaper jumper just follow this easy steps!

good luck everyone!!

----Thank you Bela, Karen and Joe for letting us be part of Misha Lulu, for your friendship and endeless adventures, we love you so much! -----


  1. Thank you for helping us for free and for being a great friend and family!

  2. I love that first picture!! The girls so little! Karen looks great as well! It was so much fun that Julia got to be a part of the fall collection!!

  3. I adore Misha Lulu, Hello Kitty, and Jimena. What a perfect combination!

  4. Se ve tan divertido y las chicas llenas de alegria. La ropa....linda!


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