Sep 25, 2011

Drawing Challenge: Bike

These last days have been difficult in different ways, and as shown in this simple drawing, sometimes I just want to escape in a bike and enjoy the flowers, the sun and fresh air..........

----the host of this theme is my dear friend Rachel, so don`t forget to visit her blog to admire some bicycle trips------

PS:I lost my usb cable and I can`t get my photos to the computer,that`s why I have only these images taken with my ipod :(

drawing challenge bike

love this photo:

happy first days of autumn!


  1. I like your two first pics
    very much!

    will you join me for BREAKFAST at my place?

  2. Dear Citlali, love the playmobil picture, biking is fun.
    Wishing you well, sun and fresh air and flowers ofcourse, xx

  3. i'm sorry days have been difficult. hope all is well!

  4. Hola!! Te deseo que tengas mejores dias!!


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