Sep 30, 2011

Drawing Challenge: Breakfast

Good morning everyone!
Do you like to have breakfast together?

Well, breakfast was the theme chosen by dear Patrice this week, and I want to tell you that I love it!

First I look for some inspiration on flickr, then print some images, cut them, paste it and add some drawings....
then decided to scketch some of my favorite things to eat at breakfast time....
finally draw a yummy fried eggs and bacon, toast, a piece of apple and coffe (love the smell of coffe in the morning)

Remember that breakfast it`s the most important meal, because after 6,8,10 or what ever hours of sleep, we need to recharge our batteries with something delicious!
was a pleasure to have breakfast together!
enjoy your weekend and see you on monday!


  1. you early bird!
    and what a breakfast you made
    can almost smell the coffee
    i love the idea that this morning
    while having breakfast
    we will think of each other

  2. oh! these are some really cute drawings
    ... lovely having breakfast with you : )

  3. Love your cute drawings! I will have chocolate abuelita with pan dulce :)

  4. I really love how you set your table!! you always make it look so inviting! Se me antojo pan de dulce!!

  5. i love your breakfasts - ALL of 'em.
    will you fixx me some?

  6. wow, what a breakfast, a feast for body and soul, me too i love the smell of that first coffee to begin the day with, beautiful ,xx

  7. Oh my goodness, this post makes me so hungry!
    I love your black and white drawings, especially the first, with al the foods labeled, very cute!

  8. yum. you just made me hungry! love the drawings

  9. Nutella!
    Thank you very much,
    dear Citlalli...
    for your sweet drawings and even the yummy foods.
    Your well-laid table is very inviting...



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