Jul 28, 2011

what I love to eat these days!

The hot weather here in California just makes me want to eat fresh fruit, some of my favorites: mango, watermelon and strawberries.

......and sometimes at night the only thing that makes my tummy happy is a glass of frozen milk and a pan dulce!

What is your favorite meal or snack these days?
it's almost friday! yeyyyyy!!!


  1. I love Mangos and watermelon too...a little too much! I love snacking on hummus and pita chips. Oh, and that pan dulce looks yummy..please save me the empanada :)

  2. Now I'm craving pan dulce. Everything looks so yummy, and your table setting looks so pretty. I love the bowls.

  3. I'm so hungry right now!!! Quiero sandia y mangos y pepinos con chile y limoncito!


  4. Divinas las fotos y como siempre los colores! A mi me encanta el helado en toda clase y presentaciĆ³n! TambiĆ©n soy amante del sushi.


  5. oh, i LOVE mangos! and i haven't had one in forever, i wish it was an appropriate time to hit up the grocery store, because i want one now. :)

    i have been drinking a lot of ice coffee. :)


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