Jul 29, 2011


Hello there!
Here's my week through instagram pictures!
This week was full of cups of coffee and tea, cleaning my daughter's bedroom. ( having fun with her toys!) and organizing my craft room to start working on more tee's, pillows and plushies.

Coffee w/friends playmobil
Jimena's dolls
crackers & cocoa

Finally it's friday!
2 more weeks and Jimena will be back!!!!!

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Have a nice weekend and don't forget to stop by tomorrow to see lots of drawings on our drawing challenge: city


  1. sounds like a lovely week--i love reorganizing things that get me motivated to create. :)

    also, oh my gosh, i received my package in the mail yesterday with the two tank tops and hairclips (lovely surprise!) and i just ADORE them! you are so talented! the girls wore them today, of course, and had so many compliments on them. i can't wait to blog about them. :) thanks again for the giveaway and customizing it for my girls! you are so, so sweet! xoxo

  2. love how colorful that first picture is. looks like a fun time. happy weekend!


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