May 8, 2011

My girl it's 7!

On Friday May 7th. 2004, was born a beautiful girl named Jimena, and that day became the happiest day of my life, I think it is difficult to express in words all the feelings that I live when saw the birth of my daughter.

Jimena for my husband and me is just everything in our lives, our greatest joy and our reason to live.

Last Saturday we celebrated her with a small party at our house with some friends, was very simple but with lots of love.

In the morning, we made her favorite breakfast: pancakes with lots of nutella, fruit, milk and give her gifts.....

This are some pics of the party:

Afternoon, her friends arrived and it was an afternoon full of laughs, party games and crafts, all had a blast and a great time, that was the most important!!!

we sang the happy birthday.....

and las MaƱanitas...........

At night she was very happy and completely exhausted from a day full of emotions! that she fell asleep with her favorite gifts (sleepingg bag, spy glasses and handcrafted computer)

Likewise, today we dedicated to pass on family, eating pizza, cake and playing board games, and also discovering our new iPad, a surprise from my husband (he's the best).

I also want to thank everyone who voted for color land in Circle of Mom's, is something I appreciate very much, especially my mom for believing in me and my projects and for providing full support (as always) love you mom so much !!!!!

May 9, is the last day you can vote, and right now Color Land is in place #22 of the first 25, so please keep voting tomorrow here!!!

Thank you!!!

and for a good start of this week, Karen from misha lulu has an awesome giveaway for all the crafty moms, you're on time, giveway finish wednesday....just click here and good luck everyone!!!


  1. oh, happy birthday to Jimena. she looks just beautiful. i love that first picture of her looking at her cake. it's magical.
    happy birth day to you!

  2. QUE LINDO SE VE TODO! YA VOTE :) hoy en la am y he estado votando todos los dias!

  3. Happy Birthday to Jimena! I've been voting for you...good luck! I see Jimena was wearing my clips..too cute :)

  4. Henry and Jimena share a birthday! How wonderful. Looks like you had a fun time with friends. Fun decorations, of course!


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