Mar 6, 2011

rediscovering Silver Lake CA..........

This Saturday afternoon we had a lovely day in Silver Lake, just walk by and having fun in every store that we crossed on the way.
Stops were they could not miss:
Spices, a really peaceful place and where you can find any spice or tea you can imagine

after we made a stop at a convenience store in which the bath salts just caught my eye and smell .......

through an art gallery, crafts and amazing vintage items .......

later we got a cheese and wine shop in which we could not resist the temptation and buy a delicious goat cheese and biscuits made by hand (so yummy .....)

finally had a great time admiring a variety of flowers and plants .......

I love visiting all the different cities of Los Angeles, for me everything is new and surprising as everything is very different from my native country Mexico, but at the same time I always find similarities that remind me of my country and I learn about US and other countries culture too.

I hope you all had a nice weekend. I can not believe it is over already!


  1. Thanks again for sharing such wonderful pictures! Citlali, can you please contact me through my blog for a collaboration project MADEFORLILYBELLE.BLOGSPOT.COM.. Thank You!

  2. oh i love silverlake! and i love that wine and cheese shop. everything there is so yummy!!!

  3. Hey check out our Silver Lake music video

    Poppa's Kitchen


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