Nov 15, 2010


Again weekend went so fast, the good thing is that we enjoy it a lot,

Friday afternoon Bela and Jimena had a play date...

On saturday I prepared a cream of broccoli and spinach, with some mozarella cheese and crackers so yummy!

also we took a walk around the neighborhood to collect tree leaves,sticks and flowers to build our little drifter (which I will show you in my next post)

San Gabriel (Mission street)

Just a wall, but I like it so much....

ahh almost forgot, I've been thinking of opening my etsy shop, I hope to be able to do soon, I have some shirts ready, hairclips,earings, hairclips holders, and I`m working in some christmas ornaments, all handmade crafted with felt and filled color!

Have a happy monday!!!

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  1. the shirts are adorable and so bright. open ! open!


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