Sep 13, 2011

camping days!

has been a long absence from this blog, but sometimes you need a break from the routine, the internet, email, computer and end-all

Last weekend we went to camp at Lake Campground in Wrightwood CA, far from the city, full of trees, beautiful lake and peaceful place to relax and enjoy nature.

was a great weekend and had a wonderful family time.

rainny days!
Lake Campground Camp 065

installing tent
Lake Campground Camp 009

beautiful sky
Lake Campground Camp 011

clear water lake
Lake Campground Camp 034

in the swing
Lake Campground Camp 018

feet picture
Lake Campground Camp 035

blue bird
Lake Campground Camp 040

my little girl in the lake
Lake Campground Camp 048

full moon
Lake Campground Camp 056

campfire and marshmallows
Lake Campground Camp 062

PS. I'm glad to be back in the blogging world, I missed you bloggie friends!


  1. Hola!!

    Wow, what a beautiful place! We haven't gone camping with the girls yet, but when we do we're going there. Great pictures!

  2. What a great trip, and great shots. I haven't been camping in so long, but used to look forward to the summer family camping every year. Oh so jealous! Hope you are relaxed and rejuvenated!!

  3. que bonitas fotos! me alegro que la hayan pasado bien!

  4. What fun! I've heard that Wrightwood is a really beautiful place to go camping! So glad you guys had this adventure. Good times!

  5. oh how wonderful!! love the pic of Jimena in the lake. welcome back! :)

  6. looks like you guys had a blast!! i would love to go camping :) the rain just makes it more fun!
    x krystie

  7. Camping! Fun! We went camping this year too and the kids had such a great time! It does look beautiful there!


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