Jun 22, 2011

summer flowers

I'm in love with flowers.....
I love the scented air we breathe all around and the magnificent colors you could appreciate anywhere you find a beautiful flower...

Talking about everyday life......as some of you will know my daughter is on summer vacation outside the country with her grandparents, can only say that we miss her soooooooooooooooooo much, it feels weird coming home and be alone without our baby girl...too much silence :(

however,it is something she wanted very much, to spend time with her grandparents and enjoy them, I'm very proud of what strong and independent she is!

I miss her a lot, but I am happy to talk to her and listen that she's having so much fun and that she's so happy!

L O V E you so much Jimenita!!!


  1. i love flowers too!!
    wow, Jimena is old enough to go and stay with the grandparents. i'm sure you miss her like crazy. sometimes i think of Lily being old enough to do the same and i just about start to cry!

  2. but on the other hand, enjoy all of this time to yourself!!

  3. i understand the feeling. i can be away from my kids for a couple of hours and miss them greatly.
    she'll be back before you know it.
    im amazed by her independence, too.


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