Jun 3, 2011

cleaning project

last Friday Jimena and I spent the day cleaning and arranging her room, keeping and stacking toys (so she plays with everything and not get bored).
Although it may seem boring but it was fun to spend that time cleaning her room, because while we organized, we played too!
some pictures of the messy room:

.....and pictures of the new style room! (so much better ah?)

in our home we all love playmobil! (my husband keep his toys (Playmobil) and now Jimena is who enjoy them every day!)
Playmobil School(last Christmas gift)
Summer House (5th b-day present)

Family House (handcrafted by my husband)

overly tired but very happy to have finished our cleanup project!!!

Have a nice weekend and don't forget to visit tomorrow for the Drawing Challenge: Everyday Life


  1. her room looks like so much fun! i would be there all day. love all her dollies and their beds.
    good job cleaning and reorganizing.
    happy saturday!!

  2. Great cleaning! :) But I can't help wondering what it looks like after two friends playing in the room again ;) I cleaned up the house the other day and a few hours later it all looked the same again...

  3. What a fun room! Playmobil looks awesome! Audrey would love playing there!


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