Jan 13, 2011

One week ago......

The following photos are from a week ago, nothing in particular just a really spectacular sky,

some flowers from the farmers market,

a beautiful alley,

a new friend to Jimena,

and some of her favorite dolls...

..it was a busy week and I can`t wait for the weekend, we`re planning a trip to Santa Barbara for this weekend, how about you? already have plans?

oooh I almost forgot, if you're a lover of coffee and enjoy taking photos, you can share them here

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  1. I love photos of the sky, I actually have one up in my blog right now. Beautiful pictures..thanks for sharing :)

  2. We saw that sky together! What a great shot of Greta.
    We are enjoying the gifts you gave us so much, Citlalli. There's nothing like handmade.


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