Jan 25, 2011

Enjoying everyday!!!!!!!

yes I know, been very quiet in here, just because this month has been a month of hard work and busy days, but in summary these pictures show some of what they've been these days in color land.....

Playdates with friends

Twins and Triplets day, wearing Color Land Tee Shirts

Saturday Breakfast:
- Papaya, kiwi and pear
- Orange juice
- Pancakes
- Milk
- Coffe

then some relaxing time...
Jimena doing some drawings and listening Cri- Cri for inspiration...

and me doning some crochet bracelets

and Sunday all day at Venice Beach

Happy wednesday!


  1. All that crafty wonderfulness! What fun. And Venice used to be my old stomping grounds, Abbott Kinney has changed some since then, but has always been a great street to shop and people watch.

  2. Yes I know...... I love Venice Beach it's one of my favorite places!!!!!


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