Sep 20, 2015

DC SKIN #176

Drawing challenge theme is chosen by our friend Nadine, please visit her blog for more drawings, pictures, songs and so much more!

Skin: For me, there's skin all over everything… humans, animals, plants, fruit, wood…. all of them are one of a kind and special.


El tema del drawing challenge de esta semana fue elegido por nuestra amiga Nadine, visiten su blog donde encontraran dibujos, fotografías, canciones y mucho más!

Piel: Para mí, la piel se encuentra en todo…humanos, animales, plantas, frutas, madera…y todos los tipos de piel son únicos y especiales.

Jimena's skin  / La piel de Jimena
My skin / Mi piel
Rock skin / La pile de una roca
Animal print fabric / Tela animal print
Leaf skin / La piel de una hoja
Guess? / Adivinen?
Tangerine skin / Piel de mandarina
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  1. there you are, citlalli! thank you for sharing your entry. your rock skin was chosen by someone else this weekend, fancy all that hard matter having a rough, weathered skin... n♥

  2. I love all the Skins you have found. Yes, there are rockskins and leafskins and so on.
    Thank you. Lucia

  3. That's a nice collection of skins. - eric

  4. Nice collection of skins. :D You know, I always love the orange, tangerine, citrus skins and love to slowly break it apart and see the citrus oil jump up in tiny jets.

    1. That's nice to hear Veronica I love it too, and the smell it's amazing, all citrus freshness!

  5. beautiful to look at the skin of each, up close!
    some how i missed this when it was our DC


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