Aug 24, 2011

color land mug

Yesterday I received a cup, why?

Because Cuppakim blog celebrated her first anniversary with an exchange of mugs among its readers who wanted to participate, the mug swap was a success!

this is the mug I received yesterday and I just love it, is the perfect mug for color land, don´t you think?

mug swap

Thank you Ellen!

good night!


  1. It is 100% perfect for Colorland! How awesome! Ellen is AWESOME and quite the gift giver! :) Happy Mugging!

  2. Beautiful and such a perfect mug!!!

  3. Hi Citlalli--I was so glad to get a box in the post today and it was my Happy Panda Mug! I feel like we are more than just cup exchangers we are pen pals! I LOVE my mug for both coffee and tea! Thanks! Though I don't blog I love to tweet--- you can find me @MrsBBones Look forward to keeping up via your blog! Cheers!

  4. Hey Citlalli,
    I'm so glad you got the mug safe and sound and that it's a hit!! :) Thanks again for joining in the mug swap-o-fun! :)


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