Jun 1, 2011

Cabrillo Marine Aquarim (field trip)

Last Thursday, I attended as a volunteer to Jimena's school field trip, it was fun to share that day with my daughter and her friends while remember when little I used to go to the same kind of trips and enjoyed a lot too.

The aquarium is located at Cabrillo Beach and is a perfect place for children to touch, play and learn about marine life.

one of the most amazing things were the jelly fish, no doubt a very interesting species .....

Kids are always fun!

incredible but true, we are beginning a new month, time goes fast, so.. just enjoy every moment!

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  1. what a great place for kids!! i love looking at jelly fish. through glass, not in the water when i'm swimming. ;)
    looks like Jimena was having a great time. she is such a cutie.


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