Mar 30, 2011

misha lulu

misha lulu's website is already up!!!
Once again, Karen has amazed us with this collection, Paris, Africa, New York? difficult to choose right?
Personally I love the whole line, (ok,ok my favorite is I Love NY) and yours?
Believe me every collection is designed with love, and this is reflected in each piece.
Hard work, dedication, creativity and love is what makes Misha Lulu so special.

misha lulu blog and surplus store.


  1. i agree! it's all wonderful! and jimena looks gorgeous in every shot.

  2. Hola Citlali, Everything is gorgeous!!! I will have to buy my daughter a couple of things :) You were the winner of my hair clip giveaway. Did you receive my email? please send me your address or email me please.



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