Oct 17, 2010

Let`s make sock puppets

Today we decided to have some fun, making sock puppets, it`s so easy and fun, you just need the following materials:

Colored socks
Wiggly eyes
Craft glue
Pom Poms

and the best it`s that you don`t have to follow any instructions, you just create what you imagine, Jimena makes a Caperucita Roja (red riding hood), Frog, French guy, and a dalmatian dog.

socks, socks and more socks..............

there are so many types of socks to choose from when designing a sock puppet. Best of all, you can use socks with wholes or socks that no longer fit. Recycling in this way is certainly better than throwing away

ohhh finally a cloudy rainny day, love it!!


  1. Citlalli... very cute! Where did you get the puppet kit? Gracias por visistar mi blog...Yoly de madeforlilybelle.blogspot.com

  2. It was Jimena`s b-day gift from her aunt, but I think that you can find it on a Borders store or you can use recycle socks and some craft stuff that you find.

  3. oopppssss...sorry for posting twice...my bad ;)


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