Sep 28, 2010

French birthday party

I would like to share some photos from Bela`s party (Misha Lulu inspiration)

Party theme: Paris and Amelie`s movie

Decor: Bright stars, flowers, photographs, and lots of creativity

Drinks: Cucumber, mint and lemon sodas.

For dinner: salads, rice, vegetables, croissants, potato dumplings with meat ......

Desserts: Of course chocolate cake, cupcakes, cookies.....

Kids and adults atraction: All kinds of figures made of balloons in all colors.

The pinata: a gnome.

Goody bags: Cigar boxes decorated with pictures of French motives, which included a mustache, pipe,chocolate cigar, crochet snap hair, a small liens for painting, and many other things .. ..

And for sure lots of fun and good moments!!!!!

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